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Animal feed pellet machine

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por - 17/05/21 a las 02:01 AM (54 Visitas)
Animal feed pellet machine are small and medium-sized pellet feed processing equipments, which are specially designed for the feeding in rural areas and small-sized farms and rabbit warren.It's with simple structure and wide applicability. Small cover and low noise.Power feed and grass power can be made into pellet with only some liquid. Therefore, the water containing rate of pellet feed is the same as before when it is made into the pellet, which means that it is more conductive to storing. Pellets made by this machine are with high hardness,smooth surface and full of internal curing,which can not only improve digestion and absorption of nutrition but also kill the general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. They can be used for feeding rabbits, fish, ducks, cattle, sheep and pigs.
1.This feed pellet mill can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine.
2. Pellet mill adopted international advanced technology which machine with long service life and featured price
3.Drive with heavy duty gearbox,which can produce continuously in most adverse condition.
4. The main parts of machine are made of alloy steel ,it will be very strong and wear resistant.
5. Widely used in pelletizing for grain,straw and rice hull and other agricultural wastes.
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